About us

About Us

Airsoftgun & Accessories Retailer Shop

Toysaurus started on 2003 with the simple litle store that offering Hi-Quality & affordable Airsoft and accesories from Hong Kong, Japan, and Taiwan.

Most Complete
With years of experience in the industry, we have a large of suppliers and manufacture connection link and partnership from Japan, Hongkong, Taiwan. It becomes an advantage for store to carry more complete product and compete price to our customers

Up-to-date Products
As the first and the most complete store in Indonesia, We carry the most diverse product line on the trend market today.

Repair and customize
now we have extend a service to airsofter for repair, customize, tune, and upgrade airsoft unit and it handle by our team of expert tuners and technicians 

After Sales Service
Free service charge for repairing airsoftgun unit and troubleshoot consulting. Only for unit that purchased from our store 

Our Team

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I would say that this is one of the best place to find an air soft gun in Jakarta, though the shop is at the corner of the 2nd floor, but it is worth to find. Compare to other shop the business hours is up to 9PM and this is quite convenience.

Andrie F. Noor

the friendliest place you can find anything airsoft in jakarta.

Egif Thahir

The most complete airsoft store in Jakarta

Fall MC